The Modern Family Alliance operates with a mission to support LGBTQ parents and their children through events, resources, and education to foster a community in the Kansas City metro area that is respectful, encouraging and inclusive of all families.


MFA acknowledges that the LGBTQ experience is not felt equally among its members. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Non-Binary, Queer, + individuals all meet different challenges to equity and must move through the world in ways that are unique to their identity.

The added burden of intersectionality for those who must also navigate oppression due to race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, socioeconomic status, and ability further diversifies our experiences in becoming parents and raising families.

MFA is committed to honoring each unique individual’s right to respect, dignity, fairness, caring, equity, and acceptance without biases based on differences. MFA strives for inclusion that allows people with different identities and lived experiences to feel valued and welcomed.

To live out the values expressed above, as an organization, MFA is committed to doing the following:

Check our privilege

We acknowledge that a majority of our board and membership represent people with white, middle-class and cis-gender privilege. We will continue to work on our awareness to blind spots in the programs and services we provide to LGBTQ parents and their children. We commit to dismantle and make evident our biases and internalized oppressive behavior.

Listen, learn, and share

We commit to hear and honor the words of those in our LGBTQ community who are most impacted by inequity and injustice. We will accept criticism and welcome feedback. We will continue to educate ourselves and work to employ the best practices for allyship and solidarity with those in our community who do not have the same access to power. We will share what we learn with others and encourage all to take their own journey towards challenging injustice and inequity.

Make space

We commit to elevate the voices of the LGBTQ individuals and families that are most impacted by injustice and inequity. We value diversity in thoughts, ideas and expressions in our community and will step aside and lift up marginalized voices, joining the chorus of those working to remove systemic barriers and end oppression.


We will work with people from different lived experiences, communities, issues, areas and sectors and we commit to sharing our resources and power. We hope to achieve transformative change for LGBTQ families together.